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Available on the iTunes App Store for $5.99

Featured in the NY TImes, LA Times, Wired Autopia, and other publications, greenMeter is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that computes your vehicle's power and fuel usage characteristics and evaluates your driving to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and cost, and lower your environmental impact. Results are displayed in real time, while driving, to give instantaneous feedback.

Though it's most effective on the road, you can learn from greenMeter even before you get in the car. By tipping the device forward and backward to simulate acceleration, you can see the effects of acceleration, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance across the speed range. Then implement this knowledge on the road, by choosing an efficient cruising speed and using the built-in eco-driving displays to moderate acceleration while you drive.

If you're into hypermiling or eco-driving, want to make your transportation more efficient, or are simply interested in maintaining a green lifestyle, give greenMeter a try! The software can pay for itself within 1-2 tanks of gas.

greenMeter works on any iPhone or iPod Touch. GPS is not required.